Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween has become a pretty big holiday for us this year! Since Brantley is 2, she is WELL AWARE (a little TOO well aware) of candy, and the fact that you get candy on Halloween. I like Halloween, sure, but have never REALLY gotten into it as an adult. And since Brantley scares easily (right now she is really afraid of "the big bad wolf," since she and her Daddy have been watching The Three Little Pigs, and just got over an unexpected fear of Cookie Monster), I didn't want to go overboard with creepy and scary decorations. So here are a few pics of our Halloween "vignettes." And maybe we'll add a couple more next week in celebration of the big day!

This is the Halloween favorite part. :) I found the cute (free!) printables on pinterest (big surprise). You can find them here and here. I also found the banner/bunting on pinterest, and was also free! I was really trying to spend as little as possible, and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Here's the dining room table centerpiece. I'll probably be adding some more festive trinkets to the table as fall goes on...

One more cute printable...I can't help myself, they're free and so cute! Throw in a dollar store frame and you're good to go. Again, pinterest, but I can't find the link. Sorry.

So that's about it around here, like I said, I go light on the Halloween decorations. Thanksgiving will probably be a little more involved, and then oh boy, Christmas is going to be a crafting extravaganza. :) There's hardly going to be a square inch of this house that isn't covered in red and green glitter. BUT, let's get through 2 other holidays first. :)

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