Monday, September 12, 2011

Damn You, Pinterest...

So, blame my recent absence on my new addiction (and I completely mean Intervention-worthy addiction) to pinterest. Not familiar? As my sister-in-law put it perfectly, it's like the virtual equivilent of tearing cool outfit or home decor ideas out of a magazine and putting it in a binder. Like I used to do all.the.time. You can "pin" any picture you find online, whether it be a cool new peacoat from J.Crew or a tutorial on how to make a foam-board cornice for your kitchen, onto a "board" that you create. For instance, I post cute DIY Christmas decor ideas to my "Merry Christmas!" board. The best part is that you don't really even have to find the ideas yourself! You can "follow" friends or people you know, and when they pin something new, it posts to your homepage, and you can "repin" their ideas to one of your boards. You can also look on the main page and repin pictures that random strangers come up with too. Awesome!

So, pretty much, you can find the most creative and awesome ideas ever without having to take up all your cabinet space with "home decor" binders. And "My Wedding" binders (OMG...if this had been around when I got married, I would've DIED...). Amazing. So forgive me. I will be back to more regular posting shortly. :) I think. :)

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