Friday, August 26, 2011

You Want Brow Wax Too??

So, I really have no idea where this one came from. Sure, I've painted Brantley's toenails, but no real pedicures; I don't even think she's ever been inside a nail salon with me before. But all of a sudden one day, I was bathing the girls and Brantley said, "I clean Mommy's feet." She motioned for me to put my feet in the tub, so I complied, and she began lathering up a washcloth and rubbing my feet!

Now, I am not one to turn down a foot rub, so I was pleased as punch that my sweet girl was going to rub and wash my feet for me! I go barefoot most days, like all day long, and these poor dogs haven't received much attention lately. It only was a little strange when after she started my foot rub, she was saying, "I know Mommy, I know." Ha!! Like she knew I was tired and yes, my feet were a bit achey, and she could relate in her rough and busy 2 year old life. She was gonna give me a break and let me know that she got it. She was also sqirting her bath toys on my ankles, massaging body wash and conditioner on my arches, and pounding her rubber ducky on the tops of my feet like she had just received her cosmetology license. No joke.

That little girl is something else. But seriously, where in the world did she learn this from?? :)


  1. that is too funny!! i love that she was saying, "i know, mommy, i know..." haha. it's nice to get some sympathy every now and then (even if it is from a two year old!) ;-) and the title of this post cracked me up. all i could hear is "pick you cuh-lah" and "you want brow wax too?" haha!

  2. My first comment!! Thanks Amy!! I know, when she first started doing this (it's a nightly tradition now!) I thought it was hilarious! Now I just really wonder is she feels sorry for me or something! :)


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