Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome to Things My Toddler Does!

Hello There! I'm Amanda, wife and mom to two little girls, 2 and 3 months. And if you are a mom like me (or really, you don't have to be a mom at all!), you are constantly amused, amazed, surprised, impressed by, and frustrated with the many incredible things that toddlers can do in the split second that you take your eyes off them. Whether you are feeding the baby, washing the pile of dirty dishes or catching that re-run of Sex and The City while you think your angel is napping, they are plotting their next move for the moment that you're distracted to find the glitter glue and paint a picture on the hardwood floors. This is not a place to be mean or embarrass, but a place for me to share funny stories and pictures, and reassure other moms that you are not alone! Even the best moms with the most watchful and attentive eyes can have a toddler that sneaks away with ninja-like cunning to steal the dishsoap and wash the dog in the kitchen. You truly have to laugh at yourself. I'd cry my eyes out if I didn't. :)

I hope you enjoy this blog, and please send me your own stories and pictures to share! Contact me at You will come to know my husband and I, and our darling girls, especially my 2 year old, Brantley, whose streak of curiosity and love for innocent chaos has inspired this blog. Welcome! :)

Disclaimer: None of the pictures or stories I post are staged or re-enacted. I carry my camera with me CONSTANTLY to catch my 3 month old's sweet gummy smiles, but also to document my toddler's hilarious "activities." :)

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