Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sharing her Love of Reading

We have been reading to Brantley practically since we brought her home from the hospital. We are lucky to have great friends and family who love to give her books, and my brother and sister-in-law even gave Brantley a collection of their favorite children's books with notes to her in each one as a shower gift (I TOTALLY copied it and used it when my other sister-in-law was pregnant!). When I was still working and Brantley was in school (I always called it "school" since it sounds better than "day care" to me :)) she was read to constantly by her fantastic teachers. Needless to say, this child loves to read. And evidently she likes to enrich the minds of her babies as well, in the storytime she was holding the other day on the sofa.

And no, thank goodness, neither the baby nor the dog were under her pile of these dolls. :)

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