Monday, August 15, 2011

The Girls and The Dog

Meet Brantley. :) She is our darling 2 year old, our first-born. The light of our lives, and also the instigator and the brains behind TMTD. She is always grabbing my cell phone when I leave the room, and ordering a Groupon before I get back to grab it from her (true story). She is also the inspiration behind the blog. Don't let the hairbow fool you.

Meet Grayson. :) This little angel is our newest arrival, and is sweet as sugar. She is on the receiving end of most of Brantley's hijinks and so far, doesn't mind so much. But, she really doesn't have much of a choice. I have a feeling in a year or so, they will be quite a dangerous duo.

And finally, our beloved beagle, Monkey. Poor Monk. He had it made before the girlies came along. I have to admit, I have slightly neglected him since I became a mom, but our family wouldn't be complete without him. He was a wedding gift, from a beagle rescue in South Carolina. He is truly the best family dog ever; he withstands ear pulling, horsey riding, ear prodding and more and barely whimpers. He's a good boy. Until he barfs on the sofas (which happens more often than I like).

PS- Pictures of Brantley and Grayson were done by Caroline Gorman of Captures by Caroline. She's awesome. :)

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