Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brantley Get Your Gun

We have this awesome white cabinet (that I got at Goodwill for like, $10!)that is currently sitting, without a permanent home in the house, in our bedroom. Our bedroom is like a furnishings graveyard; a resting place for chairs, tables etc. that don't yet have a home anywhere else in the house. ANYWAY... Scott was looking for his loafers the other day, and of course asked me. I said I had no idea, "ask Brantley," just for fun. So he did, and she ran over to the awesome white cabinet, and to our surprise, pulled them right out! So I went over to take a look and see what else she had comandeered and stashed in "her" cabinet. I found the typical baby things, books, sippy cups, and what every littel girl needs, her gun.

True, only a water gun, but still. Don't mess with this girl.

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