Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Reason that I'm Blogging...

I LOVE blogs. Ever since I started reading them a couple of years ago, I have been addicted to the great recipes, craft tutorials, decorating ideas and everything else you can find on different people's blogs. Not to mention just following the lives of my friends and family through pictures of their kids and day to day adventures on their personal blogs.

But today I read something that was very honest, and something I have thought about before. Emily from (AWESOME blog, one of my faves) wrote that sometimes, despite the love (and addiction, in my case) that we have for blogs, sometimes you come away from them feeling inadequate. Read her awesome post here.

The authors of the blogs (typically women) seem to have it ALL and everything in order. Their houses are always clean, yummy (and inexpensive AND healthy AND gourmet) dinners are always being prepared, they work and blog and craft and get enough sleep, and go to church and do it all with the cutest mommy outfits on. And they make me feel like I'm not doing a good enough job. Anyone else feel this way??? I don't think it's done on purpose (for the most part), but still. So to get to my point...I would love for people to think that I always have great dinners on the table and I am always wearing cute clothes and not the same jammies from 3 days ago with baby vomit dried on the shoulder. But it's so far from the truth. I am no slob, but I am a work in progress, like I think most young mothers (if not ALL mothers??) are. I am constantly trying to find a balance in being a wife, mom, cook, style junkie, homemaker, domestic goddess, etc., AND trying to feel good about myself through it all. And I honestly would rather show the real side of life and the humor that goes along with it in this blog. It is much more intersting to me to read about the hilarious things that kids say and do than read about how awesome one woman's new luxurious laundry room is (though I have pinned all her pictures to my "Dream Home" board and currently have "re-organize and beautify laundry room" on my to-do list. There is a place for everything in the blogosphere). If anything, I would like for you to come away from reading my blog thinking, "that sounds just like my little Johnnie," or "Gosh, this is my life!" I want women/wives/mothers to know that they are not alone and nobody is perfect. No matter how great their blog is. :)

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