Monday, February 23, 2015


New things are coming for Goat & Lulu in 2015, so why not a new blog??!!

Find me over at from now on!  This blog will still stay active for prior blog posts and the likes, but all new blog posts from now on will be at the new blog:!!!

I hope you'll continue to read and follow along with me.  Thank you, as always, for your continued support!!!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

I haven't done a WIWW post in quite sometime (oops!), but managed to snap a few pictures over the past week or so, so I thought I'd share a few outfits today!

I had seen a lot of cute leather bomber jackets in magazines and on different blogs this season, but kind of wrote it off as something I probably wouldn't be getting since, mainly, I didn't want to invest in a leather jacket and was pretty sure that I wouldn't find a faux version that I really liked.  Welp, I happened upon this one at Target, tried it on, and all bets were off.  Obviously it isn't leather, but it doesn't look cheap, it fits well, and is so versatile!  I have worn it with jeans and t shirts, and I have worn it with girlier pieces to tone down the look a bit.  On this day, I wore it over a mocha knit tunic and black skinny pants, with dark brown boots and my trusty gray cowl.  I don't love wearing coats, even when it's as cold as it has been this week, but this jacket is lightweight enough, but adds another layer of warmth to an outfit.

A better view of the jacket neckline, and my new short haircut!  I really am loving it; it's easy to maintain (it blow dries quickly, then I turn the ends under with a straightening iron and boom!  all done), and it's nice to have a bit of a change!

Dark Brown Moto Bomber Jacket- Target
Mocha Tunic- Groop Dealz
Black Skinny Pants- Gap
Brown Stacked Boots- Target
Gray Cowl- Etsy 
Tassel Necklace- Amanda Macy Hall on Etsy 

I love, love, love ponchos, and this sweater poncho is an old favorite.  Sometimes it's hard to wear ponchos with kids, since I'm usually holding someone or bags of groceries, or something, but last week I just had a few errands to run with Bennett, who these days, is almost always on the ground running! :)

Brown Cable Knit Turtleneck Poncho- Gap
Striped Long Sleeve White and Navy T Shirt- Old Navy
Jeggings- Target
Brown Stacked Boots- Target
Antique Gold Birdcage Necklace- AmericasMart 

This little lady was all about getting her picture taken with mama the other day!  And how could I resist posing with my big girl?!

Earth Tome Draped Cardigan- Belk
Cream Lace and Cotton Tunic- Urban Outfitters
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy
Brown Flat Ankle Booties- Target 
Large Stone Pendant Necklace- Stella & Dot

And, I mean, look at Miss Priss, here!  My Gracie girl is just growing up too fast...

My poor eyeballs needed a bit of a rest last week, so out came my contacts and on went the glasses.  I wore the leather bomber again, this time with a dress and ankle boots.  And do you have fleece lined leggings?  If you don't, BUY THEM.  I have two pairs of black, one pair of brown, gray and navy.  They are seriously SO WARM and so cozy, and you can find them for less then $10 (I got mine for $6.99!), and are worth every penny.  I have worn them over and over this winter.

Brown Faux Leather Bomber- Target
Gray Cowl- Etsy 
Black Medallion Print Dress- Old Navy
Black Fleece Leggings- Groop Dealz
Brown Fringe Ankle Booties- Target

I waivered back and forth about buying these ankle boots.  But thank goodness I decided to get them, because I have worn them over and over!  I love them with cuffed jeans, with leggings and a tunic, with dresses, etc.  Great buy, thanks again, Target!

And my last outfit for today!  I used to have a ton of sweaters, from back when I lived in the Midwest, and winters were longer and colder.  But the styles changed, and just wasn't needing as many heavy sweaters anyway, so I consigned some, donated some, and ended up pretty much getting rid of them all!  But, this year and last year I have been trying to accumulate a new collection of sweaters that I can get more wear out of, so when I passed this one at Wal Mart for $11, I thought, why not?!  I have actually worn it over and over, just with jeans, and boots, and like here, over a lightweight ruffle tank and white jeans.  I love how the tank pokes out from under the sweater just enough to make it a little longer, and a better length on me with skinny white denim.

Gray Turtleneck Sweater- Wal Mart
Cream Ruffle Tank- Target
White Jeans- New York Co via TJ Maxx
Pink Ballet Flats- Target

And that's it for this week!  I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy for some more ideas and outfit inspiration, so hop over and check it out!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  These are the things that I am saying hello today...

Hello Blue Ridge!

The kids have "Winter Intersession" this week which means not only do the girls get a week of relaxation, but so does mama (I love all the breaks we get during the school year!)!!  So I took them up to meet my Mom on Sunday (and we met at the American Girl Bistro for a girly lunch which was so fun!), who then took them up to the mountains!  Since Scott is headed out of town on business today, I decided to pack up the car and the dogs and my boy, and head up to the mountains too!  We're going to hang out with my parents for a few days while Scott is gone and while we have a break from school.  Looking forward to some of my mom's amazing cooking (hence no meal plan this week!), hanging out inside with a fire, and general relaxing.

Hello Snow?

We have a wintry mix in the forecast, so I'm packing my snow boots for our trip!  I'm not sure if it's going to be more icy rain than snow, but I'm just hoping we don't get stuck inside the whole time (not that I plan on doing much more than lounging inside, but they do live on the side of a mountain with a super steep driveway!).  I've seen enough snow from living in Iowa and Nebraska for six years to satisfy me for maybe ever, but I don't mind watching it from indoors with a hot cup of (spiked) coffee once a year or so.  And you can pull me outside for an afternoon of snowman-building and sledding too, I guess, but one day is plenty for me!

Hello big girls.

This pose??!

Not sure when these girls decided it was okay to grow up, but gosh, do they just seem so much older all of a sudden.  Grayson, who used to be the quietest, most shy little ray of sunshine, will not.stop.talking now!  She loves school, is writing letters, singing and growing and changing daily.  And Brantley, ohhhh Brantley.  she surprises us everyday with new phrases and the things she's learning in school.  She and Scott went to her first Father Daughter Dance last week (more on that later), and just seeing her dressed up made me feel like I was sending her off to prom.  I'm so proud of my little girls, and the sweet ladies they're becoming.

Hello several new items in the shop!


 I don;t know about you, but I'm ready for springtime!!  I have started working on some new patterns and designs for spring and getting them in the shop, along with several new Disney outfits and pieces!  Coming soon will be some more cute Easter styles, and of course, lots more ruffly goodness for the spring and summer and some cute new boy styles as well!

That's about it for me today!  Wish me luck and safe travels as we get on the road and make our way to relaxation central. :)  What are you saying hello to today?

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Monday

After a relaxing weekend full of beautiful weather, playing outside, and great family time, here's what we're saying hello to this Monday:

Hello busy week!  I'm hosting a Valentine craft playdate today, both the girls have Valentine exchanges at school, and Brantley has a Daddy and Daughter dance on Thursday, so this week will certainly be packed full of love, fun, and lots of goodies!

Hello to de-cluttering and simplifying!  I am making progress on my 40 bags list, and marked two more sections off the list this weekend.  I have been prepping and organizing over 450 baby and kids items to sell at Grayson's preschool spring consignment sale, and am getting rid of all of it! Then yesterday, I just got sick and tired of looking at the clothes in my closet and just being overwhelmed by all the things that didn't fit or I didn't like for one reason or another.  I got ruthless (finally), and cleaned out 47 dresses that I put up for sale on my @shopgoatandlulu instagram page (another sale is tonight at 8pm, so follow me and check it out)!  I hold on to clothes for sentimental reasons, or sometimes just because I like them, whether they fit or not! I keep things because I paid a lot for them, and I keep things because I got great deals on them.  But I finally convinced myself that the only reason I need to hang onto clothes (they are just clothes!!!), is because they fit and I feel good about the way I look in them.  Because no matter what I paid for something, if it only hangs in my closet, it does me no good!  So I started with dresses, and I'm going to move through the rest, until I'm left with a wardrobe of things that fit well that I really like.  And then it'll be time to buy some new things, right?! :)

Hello so many good shows back on TV right now!  I can hardly keep up!  Just on Sunday nights there's The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Revenge, and Girls, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights are big too!  Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Mindy Project, Nashville, SVU, Scandal The Blacklist, and more...I'm not sewing enough right now to get enough TV time in!  What are you watching?

Speaking of TV, hello Fifty Shades of Grey trailers!  Is anyone else excited to see the movie?!  Though, I am a little freaked out by Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, since I just watched the second season of The Fall on Netflix, where he plays a serial killer...yikes.  Hopefully it won't blow the whole thing for me.

Hello new refrigerator!!! Our fridge has been on the fritz for a few months now, and we finally gave in.  Some sort of something is broken, and the cold air coming into the refrigerator isn't regulated correctly, so the fridge constantly freezes everything which is beyond frustrating.  When a cranky little boy wants his milk first thing in the morning and the gallon is frozen it is no fun.  Or when you bring home a huge load of fresh veggies from the store only to have them freeze overnight and be ruined, it makes you crazy!  So we picked out a new one that will arrive on Thursday.  I am also excited that it will be brand new and nice and clean!  Hooray! #thingsgrownupsgetexcitedabout

That's about it for me today.  What are you saying hello to today?  Hope your week starts of well!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

TGIF!  Another busy week in the books, and we are ready for a pretty low key weekend.  But first, my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Show from the 90's:
Saved by the Bell

I used to watch Saved by the Bell four times a day every day.  I crushed on Zack Morris for years, and have seen every single episode (even the old ones with Miss Bliss, and the beach club summer ones, and oh yes, the college years).  So imagine my excitement (along with pretty much every single friend of mine on Facebook yesterday) when there was a surprise reunion on Jimmy Fallon!!  My favorite show and my favorite talk show host?  Perfection.  If you are one of he three people in the country that hasn't seen the slip, enjoy it below.  You're welcome. :)

Favorite Dress from the SAG Awards:
Lupita Nyong'o

I don't watch many of the awards shows anymore, with the exception of the Oscars, but I certainly tune into all the gossip rags the next day to check out what everyone was wearing!  I thought that this dress that Lupita Nyong'o wore was so different and so stunning!  Very different and unexpected, and so beautiful!

Favorite Sandals for the Summer:
Swedish Hasbeens

Since we in the South refer to Atlanta based groundhog General Lee instead of Punxutawney Phil for our Groundhog Day spring predictions, I am pretty pumped that that little rodent didn't see his shadow this year and predicted an early spring!  Fine by me!  I'm tired of the cold weather and ready for dresses with bare legs and sandals.  I have been a huge fan of Swedish Hasbeen sandals for a while now, so I about died the other day when I happened upon an AMAZING sale on Amazon!!  Hasbeens rarely go on sale anywhere, but Amazon was slashing prices, and I got the above beauties for $33, when they are $129 regular price!!!!!  I got them in nude since I plan on wearing them with pretty much everything all summer long.  They still have some great deals available on them, especially if you wear sizes 9-11.  Here's hoping that General Lee was right and I get to wear these soon!

Favorite Thing We've Gotten in the Mail Lately:
Homemade Get Well Cards

All three kids were sick at the same time a few weeks ago, and each of them had a rough go of it.  But what a wonderful surprise they received in the mail...the most precious handmade Get Well Soon cards from their cousin Maddie!  Maddie wrote personalized messages in each card, and decorated them with lots of Frozen stickers and pictures, which the kids loved!  Even Ben got Olaf and Kristoff stickers! It made the kids so happy to know they were being thought of, and I was nearly crying looking at them too, it was so sweet!  So THANK YOU, Maddie!  How thoughtful to make cards for the kiddos when they weren't feeling well.  They loved them!!

Favorite Thing Planned for the Weekend:
Rearranging the Guest Room

I know it doesn't sound like much fun to most people, but I adore rearranging rooms and furniture!  I used to rearrange my bedroom constantly when I was growing up, and still love changing out pieces of furniture and trying new things in different places.  Scott decided that he was tired of trekking to the dungeon of our cold, unfinished basement (which I would loooove to finish one day) for his office, and that he wanted to use the guest room on our main floor as his office.  So, we'll be moving up his desk and printer, and hopefully sprucing up the room a bit.  He wanted my help, so he's gonna get it, and with my input, it's not going to be a bare-bones office. We have to make it work with the bed we have in there for our (infrequent) overnight guests, and I don't want it to be just a desk with piles of paper and a bed.  I'm thinking creative organization solutions, some pretties hung up on the wall, and efficient use of space.  Hopefully he'll share my vision. :)

And that's it for me today!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Me, A to Z

I thought this was the cutest blog post idea that I saw over on a blog I love to follow, Dixie Delights, and thought I'd give it a whirl!  So here's me, A-Z:

A- Age: 32

B- Bed Size: Queen, but I'm lobbying for a King since both girls sleep with us about half the night, and little brother likes to come in for an early morning snuggle more and more often now too!
C- Chore you Hate: Where do I begin?  No, but really, I am a pretty terrible housekeeper.  I hate doing the dishes the most.  I don't mind doing laundry, but I hate putting it away.  And I hate anything that involves serious scrubbing.  No fun.
D- Dogs: Two dogs!  Monkey, our 8 year old beagle patriarch, and Dolly, our two year old baby girl beagle. :)
E- Essential to Start Your Day:  Coffee, coffee, and a little more coffee.
F- Favorite Color:  That's tough!  Yellow, blue, red, gray...I think those are my favorites.
G- Gold or Silver: Both!
H- Height:  5'3"
I- Instruments You Play-  Sadly, none.  I have a guitar in the closet though, that I have been meaning to play since high school.  One day! 
J- Job Title-  Owner and Designer of Goat & Lulu, blogger, writer, household COO, and most importantly, and most often, mommy. :)
K- Kids: Three:  Brantley Parrish (5), Grayson Caroline (3), and Bennett Rutland (2).
L- Live:  Currently, Loganville, Georgia.  But I have lived in Montgomery, Alabama, Tifton, Georgia, Snellville, Georgia, Betterndorf, Iowa, Snellville again, Des Moines, Iowa, Lincoln, Nebraska, Atlanta, and then Loganville. 
M- Movie: The most recent one that I watched was Gone Girl last night!  Pretty good, and pretty true to the book!  As for a favorite?  Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias.  The Female Trifecta.
N- Nicknames:  My dad has called me Goat since I was a little girl (hence the Goat in Goat & Lulu), and nothing else has ever really stuck.  He still calls me Goat, and I hardly even notice since it's just second nature. :)
O- Overnight Hospital Stays: Thankfully, only when I have had my babies. :)
P- Pet Peeve:  When people leave their turn signals on after they have turned or changed lanes, and when people fish for compliments.
Q- Quote:  Way too many favorites to choose from, but one that resonates with me a lot is: "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much." -Jackie Kennedy Onassis
R- Righty or Lefty:  Righty
S- Siblings: One younger brother, Ramsey 
T- Time You Wake Up:  Between 6:30 and 7 during the week, and about 8:30 on the weekends.
U- University You Attended:  University of Nebraska- Go Huskers!
V- Vegetable You Dislike:  English Peas.  I keep trying them just in case I've changed my mind, but nope.  Don't like them.
W- What Makes You Run Late:  The kids.  When I wake up late.  When I forget to feed the dogs.  Thinking that maybe I have left the back door unlocked.  Forgetting my cell phone and having ti turn back around to go get it!
X- X Rays:  Only my teeth, I think.
Y- Yummy Food:  Fried Chicken, Cheese Platters, Chips and Salsa, Sushi, Crab Legs, French Fries...I could go on and on... 
Z- Zoo Animal Favorite:  Monkeys, Tigers, Elephants 

Did you learn something new?  :)

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday!  I hope y'all had a god weekend, and that your team won the Superbowl (I was pulling for the Seahawks since I think Tom Brady is a big jerk, but I really don't care either way)!  Today I'm sharing our dinner menu for the week for Meal Plan Monday!

We're finished with our Whole 30 program, though it was a bit more like a Whole 22, ha!  Whle we are going to incorporate a bit of dairy and grains back into our diets, I'm going to try to keep most of our meals clean, and healthy snacks.  I want to limit our bread, pasta, rice, cheese and white potatoes, and continue to fill our plates with lean proteins and lots of veggies.  So while you may see rice and pasta here and there in my menus, I hope to keep us on track and continue with the healthy eating (except for the Super Bowl last night)!!  So with that being said, here's what we're eating this week:

Roasted Chicken Legs
Steamed Broccoli
Mashed Potatoes

The kids eat a lot more chicken when they can pick it up and eat it with their fingers, so they love chicken legs!  I'm going to marinate it in a bit of soy sauce and hoisin, so it has a tangy and slightly sweet asian bbq taste, and then bake them for about an hour.  A bit of broccoli and mashed potatoes (with chicken stock instead of milk) on the side, and we'll have a simple kid-friendly meal.

Stuffed Pepper Soup

I love stuffed bell peppers, and thought this soup version sounded really good!  It's supposed to be cold and rainy at the beginning of this week, so this will be nice, and warm, and comforting.

I think I am most excited about this dinner!  I think the chicken sounds delicious, and I haven't had mozzarella in weeks, so I'm pretty pumped about some cheese, ha!  Plus, caprese salad is pretty much my favorite, and then go add some avocado?  Perfect.

Pork Tenderloin

I've had this zucchini and corn side dish pinned for quite some time, and decided this was going to be the week to try it out.  I may add a little asparagus in the mix too, and that should be plenty to have with some grilled pork tenderloin!

Farmer's Market Frittata with Chicken Sausage
Green Salad

I was going to make this last week, but we ate leftovers one night, and we had a meal left over from the meal plan!  I made a delicious potato, onion, and bacon frittata for lunch a few weeks ago, and thought I'd add a bigger variety of veggies in for a very filling dish that would only need a small salad on the side, if that!  I'm going to make it with potato, onion, asparagus, green pepper, kale/spinach, tomatoes, and maybe a shake or two of cheese, :)

So what are you eating this week?  Any good meals I need to try?  I have had some friends send some new recipes my way, so THANK YOU so much!  I love new recipe resources, and recommended dinner suggestions!

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